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Devoted to giving you choices

To direct your own services

In-Home Attendant Services offers you a choice in how your Medicaid funded attendant care services are delivered.   Depending on whether you choose to use the CDS or Agency option, we can assist you on how to employ your own staff and direct your own services. We can also help train and manage personal assistant service attendants in your home.


Utilizing our CDS services will help make your transition from being on the outside of the decision making to becoming the employer easy. We are here to assist you with all of your needs regarding our service to you and our Employer Assistants are ready to answer your questions and deliver exceptional customer service.


State Programs


Family Care is a nonskilled, nontechnical attendant care service for eligible adults who are functionally limited in performing activities of daily living. Primary Home Care provider agencies have the option of providing these services. Family Care services are provided by an attendant and do not require the supervision of a registered nurse.

Family Care


The HCS program provides individualized services and supports to persons with intellectual disabilities who are living with their family, in their own home or in other community settings, such as small group homes.

Home and Community-based Services


Community Living Assistance and Support Services

CLASS provides home- and community-based services to people with related conditions as a cost-effective alternative to placement in an intermediate care facility for individuals with an intellectual disability or a related condition (ICF/IID). A related condition is a disability, other than an intellectual disability, that originated before age 22 and that affects a person's ability to function in daily life.


Primary Home Care

This program is a nontechnical, medically related personal care service provided to adults whose health problems cause them to be functionally limited in performing activities of daily living, according to a statement of medical need. PHC provider agencies also provide Family Care services. This service also is a nonskilled, nontechnical service provided to eligible clients who are functionally limited in performing daily activities.


Deaf Blind with Multiple Disabilities

This program provides home and community-based services to people who are deaf-blind with multiple disabilities as a cost-effective alternative to institutional placement. The program focuses on increasing opportunities for consumers to communicate and interact with their environment.