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EVV Update

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

EVV Update as of November 10, 2021:

Thank you for your valuable participation in the required EVV implementations. As a CDS Employer your collaboration and feedback is very important to us. We all faced many challenges this year. Along with having to deal with COVID-19, we were also required to implement the first phase of the Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) federal mandate. As the rules become more strict, our goal is to stay in communication with you. This year IHAS doubled the efforts to assist with the many EVV requirements. We have received your concerns and suggestions throughout the implementation. We continue to improve EVV processes and communications.

Every employer should have already completed the following EVV Steps:

1. Training Requirements:

a. FMSAs, Employers, and Employees are all required to be trained every year.

b. Employer Training Requirements: See enclosed Electronic Visit Verification

Training Requirements Checklists

c. Employees Training Requirements: Employer responsibility to train the employees.

2. Employer Option Selection (Form 1722): With the 3 listed employer options, employers

are to ensure all employees are using the EVV system to clock in/out for all daily

shifts/EVV services.

a. Option 1 (You’re the Boss!) – You as employer have all the responsibility to ensure the visits are correctly registered in the EVV system and approve the authorized time.

b. Option 2 (IHAS assists with Visit Maintenance) - requires a signed time sheet to do visit maintenance. Time should reflect the time in the EVV system, and the corrections needed.

c. Option 3 (IHAS assists with Visit Maintenance and Approving time in the EVV

system) - requires a signed time sheet to do visit maintenance and to approve the

time in the EVV system. Time sheet should reflect the clock in/ out visits/shifts/EVV

Services as reflected when clocking in/out or as reflected in the EVV system and

the corrections needed.

3. Choosing a Method for employees to clock in/out of the EVV system:

a. Mobile App – Preferred method

b. Landline

c. Alternative Device

4. Ensuring:

a. Employees are properly clocking in/out using the EVV system.

b. Visit Maintenance is completed every other Monday based on the System of Payroll

to avoid delayed payroll. This includes submitting time sheets on time for option 2

and 3.

c. Hours are not overlapping.

d. Hours worked are not over the allowed weekly budgeted hours set by the Payer.

e. The correct EVV service is selected.

5. Employers Option 1 only: Visit Maintenance Unlock Request by the CDS Employer. See

enclosed requirements Electronic Visit Verification Visit Maintenance Policy on page 7

for more details.

Please look for the IHAS survey form to update us on how we are doing. It is also available online This survey is due by December 15, 2021. Your feedback helps us continue to improve in different areas on how to better assist you. You may also provide constructive feedback at any time throughout the year at:


Pat Whitten-Legé President GP

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