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CDS Employer EVV Training

The EVV Training policy requires Consumer Directed Services employers to complete all required training before using an EVV system, and then annually. The required training for our CDS Employers can be found below.

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This is training provided by the payers on EVV standards and policy requirements in the EVV Policy Handbook. To receive your certificate of completion, please complete one of the following:

EVV Policy Training

  • HHSC: Attend an EVV Policy Training for CDS Employers webinar or complete the appropriate training course on the HHS Learning Portal.

  • MCOs: Please contact your MCO for training opportunities.

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This is training provided by either the EVV vendor or your FMSA on how to clock in and out, among other things.

EVV System Training

  • Option 1 or 2 Employers: Full EVV system training is required.

  • Option 3 Employers: An overview EVV system training is required.

After completing this training, you must  train your employees on the clock  in and out method(s).

For further assistance, please  contact your CDS Consultant.

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