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In-Home Attendant Services, Ltd unaffected by Silicon Valley Bank Collapse.

Dear CDS Employer,

As we begin this week, we want to let you know that we have continued to monitor the evolving situation with Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) and Signature Bank. This note is to reassure you that our relationship with you is strong.

In-Home Attendant Services does not have any relationships with Silicon Valley Bank or any of the impacted financial institutions you are hearing about in the news. We do not anticipate this situation will result in any disruption to our operations or the services we provide.

If your banking relationship is with an impacted financial institution and you anticipate issues with payments to or from us, please reach out to us at immediately so we can work through a resolution to the situation.

Additionally, please note that there have been reports of increased fraudulent phishing attempts to obtain banking information by citing the current disruptions within the finance industry. If you receive a request to provide your payment information, immediately report it to us at

Best Regards,

Your FMSA In-Home Attendant Services

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