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Vesta Geo-location Update

Effective December 19, 2021, Vesta will update the geo-location functionality on the Vesta Mobile Application from 100 feet distance to 250 feet distance. This means that if a CDS employee clocks in or clocks out using the Vesta Mobile Application and they are within 250 feet from the member home, they will not have to select a community location on the Vesta Mobile Application.

• If the distance is within 250 feet, the service location is defaulted to Member Home and may be changed if necessary.

• If the distance exceeds 250 feet, the CDS employee must select a service location before continuing.

Beginning January 20th, 2022, if the CDS employee selects Member Home as the community location when clocking in or clock out more than 250 feet from the member’s location, the visit will not auto-confirm.

If the Application is stating that you are more than 250 feet away from the member home and you are at the member home, please contact your CDS consultant immediately.

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