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In-Home Attendant Services has been dedicated to person centered self-direction since its founding in 1996. Over the years, the dreams of many converged and Medicaid program participants finally became full employers of their personal care employees. In Home was there with advocates, participants and the state working through the early pilot program in CMPAS and helping self-direction evolve and give birth to the CDS model. This deep history is why we have an organizational culture dedicated to the success of consumer direction. We pride ourselves on doing things the right way. At In-Home, we’re on your team and together we can achieve excellence.

What is CDS?


Consumer Directed Services offers you more control over your program services if you are able and willing to take more responsibility for coordinating services. The CDS option puts you in control, allowing you to hire and manage your own employees, set wages for your employees within state guidelines and give benefits such as vacation days and bonuses. In some instances you may hire relatives and friends as Service Providers.


As your Financial Management Service Agency, In-Home Attendant Services offers employer orientation and support to you and processes your payroll and employment taxes for your employees. We offer services statewide in all counties. For a list of programs that we serve in the CDS option please click on our Services tab for more information.

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