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EVV Resources Updates

The Texas Health & Human Services Commission has recently updated three Electronic Visit Verification resources that are listed on the EVV webpage. These include the EVV Required Training Checklist, Getting Started with EVV, and Program and Service Requirements for Schedules.

The In-Home team has gone through these updates to find the information that applies to our clients. To make things even easier for you, we have attached the relevant information below. You can now stay up-to-date with the latest EVV resources without having to go through them yourself.

  • EVV Required Training Checklist- This resource has been updated to align with EVV Policy Handbook revisions, list training course names and describe the required training, and has included a fillable feature to help document completed trainings.

  • Getting Started with EVV- This is a guide listing the steps and resources available to get started with an EVV system. HHSC has created a single-page guide for each interested party. The ones that apply to our clients and their attendants are the following:

*Program and Service Requirements for Schedules is a resource that is mainly intended to help FMSAs and Direct agencies stay in compliance with the state. If you would still like to read through it, you can simply follow the link.

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