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HHSC Publishes Guidance for FMSAs and CDS Employers for COVID-19 (IL 2021-41)

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

HHSC has published Information Letter 2021-41 Guidance for FMSAs and Consumer Directed Services (CDS) Employers for COVID-19 (PDF). FMSAs, CDS employers and DRs are required to comply with state and federal laws, rules, regulations and letters regarding their Medicaid services.

Due to the escalating situation of COVID-19, HHSC allows FMSAs to suspend face to face CDS employer orientations and reminds CDS employers and DRs that a service backup plan is required and should be in place.

FMSAs are required to share the information contained in this letter with CDS employers and DRs.

CDS Employer Orientations suspension is extended through September 30,2021.

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