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Changes to Amerigroup/Wellpoint, Superior, & United Healthcare

Hello CDS Employer/Designated Representative,

We want to ensure you're informed about recent changes concerning Amerigroup/Wellpoint, Superior, and United Healthcare in specific areas throughout Texas. Please be assured that In-Home Attendant Services works with and can accommodate various insurance providers. We can help you maintain uninterrupted support for your loved ones once you select a new provider.

Kindly inform us of your choice, and we'll promptly confirm our ability to continue services and outline the next steps for a seamless transition. Your peace of mind remains paramount to us.

Remember CDS is about your choice- if you want to continue in CDS and continue with In-Home Attendant Services as your FMSA (financial management services agency), make sure that the forms you sign are clearly explained to you. We have received reports of individuals accidentally checking yes to the Agency option rather than the CDS option.

Stay informed!

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