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Updated: Apr 12, 2023

CDS Employers should have received an email with links to information needed to complete the application survey.

This is required only if you wish to apply for these funds. You will have an opportunity to withdraw if you change your mind.

Below is a link available to be part of the CDS Community Attendants - COVID-19 in Healthcare Relief funding. Unlike other recent grants, this grant has rules that require the CDS Employer to complete and submit. Unfortunately, the requirements do not allow IHAS to provide the usual assistance. Complete to the best of your knowledge and ability.

The original deadline of September 19th before 10:30 am has been extended to September 26th. Please know that these funds, if approved, will come directly to you from the grantor in the form of a paper check. Be accurate in your application and use the funds as required. If the funds are not used as intended, you personally may experience a recoupment from the grantor. Please note that these funds do not replace Medicaid funds and Medicaid funds will not cover any grant recoupments for non compliance.

Please see the email for the links below plus additional links.

Once the survey is completed, you will receive the approved Notice of Award for further details. Please review the link Exhibit D for the Sample of Notice of Award (HHS0011792 – Exhibit D, Sample Notice of Award (PDF). This notification will include the terms agreed upon and allow you to withdraw within two business days after the award date.

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