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STEAR Registration

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

S T E A R (State of Texas Emergency Assistance Registry)

The state of Texas Emergency Assistance Registry program is a free registry that enables local emergency planners and responders to maintain a better understanding of the needs of their community. Anyone who sees themselves being at risk during emergencies or natural disasters should register for STEAR. The information provided to Texas communities can be used in many ways to benefit those in crisis situations. This does not guarantee any specific services during an emergency. Services vary by community and availability.

You are encouraged to register if:

  • Disabled

  • Have limited mobility

  • Communication barriers

  • Require additional medical assistance during an emergency event

  • Require transportation assistance

  • Require personal care assistance

Information that would be needed upon registry:

  • Name

  • Address

  • Phone Number

  • Primary language

Additional information that may be asked:

  • Emergency contact

  • If you have a caregiver

  • Pets

  • Transportation

  • Communication Barriers

  • Disability and functional or medical needs

Where to Register? or call 211 or 877-541-7905 Do not hesitate to register before hurricane season arrives. Registration is not mandatory, but highly encouraged for all. Please be informed that any information provided will be kept completely confidential.

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