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CDS Employers That Received COVID-19 Grant: Required Reporting due Sept. 30, 2023

How to Access the Reporting Portal

To complete and submit the Funding Utilization Report, CDS employers awarded under “CDS-CHRG” should visit the CDS CHRG reporting portal and follow instructions.

Recipients of this award may receive assistance for the completion of this report, including from a designated representative, family member, etc.

How to Confirm Your Report Submission

SurveyMonkey does not automatically send an email confirmation upon submission of your report. In place of this, HHSC Provider Finance will send a confirmation email on a rolling basis to each individual that submitted their CDS-CHRG report, based on the email address written in the submitted report. If you submitted your report and have not yet received a confirmation email, it may take multiple days after submission for an email to be sent to you.

Note: If the “Submit” button at the end of the report has been clicked, and the subsequent thank you message displays on your screen, then HHSC has received your submission.


Visit the CHRG webpage for general information about the COVID-19 in Healthcare Relief Grants. If you have any questions about this required reporting, email the Provider Finance Department.


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